I’m more than happy to connect with anyone via Twitter (@RoxanneVarza).

Otherwise, you can also reach me at one of the following email addresses:

rvarza (at)

rvarza (at)

roxanne (at)

Please note that I am less likely to accept friend or connection requests on Facebook and Linkedin from people that I have never met.

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15 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Bonjour Roxanne,

    I found your site searching for French Entrepreneurs to study. Your page on that was very useful.

    I am fascinated by the world of business and start-ups.

    I also study French language.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I think your website is very good.

    We have very similar interests i would seem.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Roxanne,

    La société que j’ai fondée, Kadeal, organise une table ronde le 7 octobre prochain à la Maison des Centraliens (8e) autour du thème:

    Médias 2.0 et Réseaux Sociaux: évolution des techniques de prospection B2B et impact pour les commerciaux

    Toute mon équipe serait ravie de vous compter parmi nos invités.

    Je vous envoie l’invitation par email.

    Philippe Duhamel

  3. Bonjour Roxanne,

    Je m’appelle Rémi Gambier et je suis community manager pour la société Atchik Services. Je souhaite solliciter votre avis quant à une nouvelle alternative innovante que nous proposons afin de sécuriser et modérer les pages fan Facebook.
    Votre avis et vos remarques d’expert quant à cette offre seront très précieux.
    Le lien vers notre blog et l’article correspondant :

    Merci beaucoup ;)

  4. Roxanne,
    I do not speak French, although Guy de Maupassant is my all-time favorite writer (I’m sure you’re all over him, but Le Horla is amazing if you’ve never partaken). I am a PR flak for MobilePayUSA, an NFC-alternative mobile payment company. Just wanted to tell you that your site is swank and keep up the great work!

    Chris Woolsey
    Director of Public Relations

  5. Roxanne
    Cass Phillips referred me to you as I am interested in doing a Failcon event in Wisconsin (difficult proposition but I plan to push idea). I looked at the agenda in Paris (BTW, I am a US Delegate to the OECD Sustainable Manufacturing and Eco-Innovation Committee so I get to Paris occasionally and love it). I was wondering if you would be available to discuss challenges and opportunities of putting this conference together and if turnout met your expectations.
    Paul A. Linzmeyer

  6. Bonjour Roxanne,
    Félicitations pour ton blog ! Je suis encore un rookie dans l’éco système des startups et je viens seulement de découvrir ton blog depuis le site BusinessAngelFr.
    J’ai décidé il y a un mois de lancer le mien et je serais ravi d’avoir ton retour si tu as le temps d’y jeter un oeil :
    Merci beaucoup et tous mes voeux de réussite pour tes nouveaux projets !

  7. Hi roxanne,

    En tant que porteur de projet, je ne résiste pas à l’envie de saisir la perche que tu tends à la fin de ton interview avec businessangelfrance.
    Bref, je serais ravis de t’en dire plus, s’il y a une once de chance que je puisse susciter ton intérêt pour mon idée géniale ! (comme toutes)

  8. Hello Roxanne,

    My name is Mark Morrow. I am extremely interested in both France, (I lived there for a bit) and tech (especially all of the cool and interesting new services and wacky start-up ideas that somehow seem to fill a deep void in my life that I never knew was missing.) I am very keen to find a job which incorporates both my love of new, interesting tech ideas and living pretty much anywhere in metropolitan France. I took a look at the “jobs” tab which you have above, however these positions seems to be mostly geared toward programmers/developers, a group to which I sadly do not belong. I was wondering if you happened to know or heard of any positions in France for someone like myself, who finds all of these new ideas and device absolutely enchanting, but is painfully aware he does not possess the technical skill required to create any. I appreciate any advice/reply you may be able to give, and beg you to forgive me if I am being to forward.



  9. Salut Roxanne! London HQ’d Ve Interactive (@veinteractive) is in the process of opening an office in Paris (@VeFrance) – we would love to introduce our MD there – Michael Gonzalez to you.

    Kindest regards,

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