Facebook: Still Not the Leading Social Network in France?

01Net published an article on Friday based on a recent study by Ifop (The French Institut of Public Opinon) on the progression of various social media platforms in France.

Facebook is still not #1.

According to this study. Of the 1,002 people to participate in the study, 49% had an account on French social network site Copains d’Avant versus 37% with profiles on Facebook. Even Windows Live beat Facebook, making their 350-million person platform #3 in France. Weird. Then again, let’s remember that this info is only based on the limited group of participants in the study.

What about Twitter?

The same study found that only 5% of France was on Twitter, however, in November 2009 – the same month that Twitter became available in French – Ifop released a slightly different figure via a similar study on the status of Twitter and microblogging in France. 

60% of the 1,052 participants had heard of Twitter and only 9% had a Twitter account.

And get this: 79% of French Twitter users claimed that their main use for microblogging was to discover special offers and promotions.

RIP Yammer and Friendfeed.

Sadly only 4% had heard of Friendfeed and only 1% had heard of Yammer. I guess they may want to consider Tweeting in French.

3 thoughts on “Facebook: Still Not the Leading Social Network in France?

  1. “The same study found that only 5% of France was on Twitter”

    It’s obviously far less than that !

    5% of France means : 3 millions of people.
    Twitter has 18 millions of members in the world so 3 millions would represent more than 15% wich sounds really overestimated.

  2. Yes, I agree that the study is perhaps not the most accurate model as it was done with around 1000 internet users. Another study recently said a more accurate figure is 1% of all Twitter users are French = 180,000.

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