I made this page because A LOT of people get in touch with me because they are looking for a job.

You want to work at La Halle Freyssinet?

We are not currently hiring.

You want to work at Microsoft?

If you are interested in working at Microsoft, please check out the careers page. I no longer work at the company but I am willing to push resumes for people I have met AND ideally had the opportunity to work with. If we have not met or if we do not really know each other, it is best for you to try and find another contact to push your resume.

You want to work at a startup?

If you are interested in working at a startup, I recommend you check out sites like Work in Startups, VentureLoop, Angellist, F6S, Crunchboard, Hacker News, etc. Some VC funds, like Index Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Sequioa Capital, KPCB etc. list jobs from their portfolio companies on their website.

If you are specifically interested in startup jobs in France, see Remixjobs and FrenchWeb.


Every now and then I will post select startup jobs on this website. I give preference to companies hiring for more than 1 position, jobs based in Europe, full-time contracts (not internships or temp jobs) and ideally communications/bizdev/manager roles. If you have a job you would like me to post here, please get in touch.

Job advice.

If you are trying to get in touch with me for job advice or to “pick my brain” – I may not be very helpful unless you have very specific questions. If you need job advice you can meet up with me at an event or send me an email with your questions. I prefer people who are direct than people who try to book at meeting just to ask me where they should work.

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One thought on “Jobs

  1. Dear Roxanne,

    Thanks for the job postings. I found you on Twitter.

    I could be interested in the Editor position, please contact me if the job is still available. I have my own PR company based in Denmark, where I help especially IT companies to get more attention in the press and better visibility online.

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