I’m originally from Silicon Valley and I love anything that has to do with start-ups, innovation and entrepreneurs. You can find my official bio on Crunchbase.

STATION F - Roxanne Varza (1)

I’m currently the Director of Station F, the biggest startup campus worldwide – located in the heart of Paris. The project is an initiative of Xavier Niel, who is the founder of Free/Iliad, and is also the man behind incredible startup organizations including France’s free coding school Ecole 42 and hyper-active seed fund Kima Ventures. For more information on Station F or to arrange a tour, please visit our website.

In addition to Station F, I’m a scout for Sequoia Capital (and previously Atomico). I’ve also done a few personal investments, including Claap, Moka.care, Resilience.care, Folk, Colette, Dancefloor Paris and more.

Prior to Station F, I worked at TechCrunch, Microsoft and several startups. I’ve also cofounded a couple of projects, including Tech.eu, StartHer and Failcon France. I’ve been part of the European Commission’s EIC, France’s Conseil national du numérique (Cnnum)  and on the board of Agence France Presse (AFP).

I have degrees from UCLA, Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics and I speak English, Persian and French (and I’m trying miserably to learn Chinese).

Please note that everything published on this site is my own personal opinion or affiliation and does not reflect that of my employer.

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