I get contacted by a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. Consider the following options before reaching out:

1) Is there a chance that the answer to your question may benefit other people? If so, consider asking me your question on Twitter (@roxannevarza) or Quora.

2) If you have a personal request, you may send me an email. Please send me no more than 3 sentences on what you need (if you send me a longer email, I may ask you to scale it down before replying). I do this to save time and also to better understand your question.

You can email roxanne (at) stationf (dot) co (NOT com)

Please note that I reply best to email and Twitter – these are the platforms I prioritize. If you try to connect with me via Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or another platform, there is a chance I will not reply. I also don’t reply to unknown phone numbers or unscheduled calls.

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