The Sarkophone: Thalès Téorem

Just because Sarah Palin is the only average Joe to get a call from President Sarkozy doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be interested in his mobile device.

Not an iPhone, not a Blackberry.

Recently all the buzz has been around Sarko’s new handset, the Téorem by Thalès.

Sarkozy asked the SGDN (French National Defense) to stop using the Blackberry in 2007, as he feared they could be easily spied on. To my knowledge there was no specific incident that required them to stop using the device. And despite RIM claiming their system to be the most secure encrytion system available, with Blackberry phone servers based in the US and the UK Sarkozy wasn’t about to take any risks.

Rumor also has it that Sarkozy wasn’t the only President worried about Blackberry security; while President Obama continues to be a Blackberry user, it wasn’t without the introduction of additional security measures.

So this new, super-secure Thalès phone has been in the making since 2007 and is to be distributed to some 14,000- 20,000 members of Sarkozy’s entourage. The unitary price hasn’t been released yet but I’m sure Thalès won’t be shy with the bill.

Does this phone look prehistoric to you, too?

While the keypad and screen seem to mimic older phone models rather than the fresh faces of the iPhone and the Blackberry, the main differentiating feature of the phone is it’s impenetrability. The phone is also 2G and 3G compatible, VOIP, ISDN and PSTN enabled. 

Now that Sarkozy has an impenetrable phone, maybe we should get him an impenetrable bank account to match.

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