Kima Ventures’ Jeremie Berrebi says no journalists wrote true Sparrow story

As just about everyone probably knows by now, Google announced its first France-based acquisition on Friday: Sparrow. I say “announced” because according to a few sources, Google has previously acquired France-based companies but chosen not to communicate. Anyhow, regardless of what the situation is, the Sparrow team is packing their bags and heading to Mountain View to join the Gmail team in what looks more like a talent-acquisition (another rare occurrence for France).

Pas de nouvelles, bonnes nouvelles ?

Naturally, the fact that some of France’s top talent is packing up and heading to the US has made quite a few journalists question whether or not this acquisition should be considered as “great” news for France. A comment published on TechCrunch also reveals that Sparrow will not be releasing any new features for its darling mail app. Sad, but true. But beyond that, it seems that perhaps he behind the scenes story of what really happened may reveal an even more conflicting viewpoint…

Sparrow investor says not ONE article says the truth.

Kima Ventures’ Jeremie Berrebi published a tweet and a Facebook status update this morning revealing that journalists had in fact missed the truth of the acquisition. Many people responded rather surprised, others encouraged him to write the true story himself. I reached out to Jeremie for a comment, though he says he and Kima co-founder Xavier Niel prefer not to publicly comment at this point. Interestingly enough, Jeremie did retweet a link to a comment that may reveal a bit more (but this is my own personal speculation).

Jeremie also tweeted the official statement on behalf of Kima, saying that it’s impossible to build and sell a great company when you’re looking to sell to fast.” Case closed.

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