Startup Crush: JellyNote

So some of you may have realized by now that I have a list of my Startup Crushes, featuring the awesome likes of VoiceBunny, Augment, Wunderlist and more.

My latest Startup Crush – who recently won the startup competition at the Blend Conference in Lyon – is JellyNote.

This musical startup offers social platform with a selection of scores, tabs and synchronized video/sheetmusic lessons for learning and playing music for 6 different instruments. The company calls itself a “Guitar Hero for Real Instruments” (which is ironically similar to how I presented Corsican startup iMusic-School when I wrote about them in TechCrunch several years ago). The platform also allows you to follow your favorite bands in order to receive and request their latest songs, and users can upload music to the site as well.

You can also see demonstrations of the lessons on JellyNote’s YouTube channel. Here, check out this demo featuring Arctic Monkeys’ “Why’d you only call me when your high” :

Jellynote was created in June 2012 and graduated from Paris-based accelerator program LeCamping. All in all, I love this startup because I have not loved many of the sheetmusic sites out there and I like their social approach. While the product is currently in beta, I do really like the user experience.

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