Why innovation should be a key topic in the French Presidential election

On February 21, STATION F is welcoming all main candidates of the French Presidential Election to hear their economic & entrepreneurial proposals. We hope that innovation won’t be overlooked.

This photo is from The Times – not a representation of who is coming (or maybe it is)

As many of you already know, the French ecosystem is on fire. The target that France set for itself of having 25 unicorn companies by 2025 was actually hit 3 years before the deadline in January of this year. Investment, including international investment, is booming with French startups having raised a whopping €11.5 billion across 784 deals in 2021. Company creation has been on a continual and dramatic rise since 2016, pointing to a major underlying cultural shift. And even entrepreneurs themselves have changed – while many startups may have opted to sell quickly in the past, this is no longer the case. We are starting to see French companies acquire their competitors and even had 2 local tech IPOs last year.

With all this momentum, France is starting to emerge as an up and coming ecosystem – which translates to a huge positive impact on the economy. That said, almost all candidates have given priority to other topics, which is of course understandable. Yet, given the importance of innovation when talking about the future, my guess is that it will become an increasingly important topic in the upcoming weeks.

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