Leaving the Rude Baguette

A few months ago, I announced that I had moved and that I would now be blogging on another site: The RudeBaguette. The decision to launch Rude essentially came from the idea that France needed an English-language news site to cover all the ridiculously amazing startup happenings going on there. So I approached one of the only other native English-speaking bloggers I knew to do it with me. And off we went.

Launch. And then what?

RudeBaguette got off to a bit of an exciting start. We broke some controversial news within the first few weeks that made our stats hit the roof. But as time went on, it became apparent – as with any project – that if we wanted to grow the team and develop, we’d need a clear plan and structure. We’d also need to define the vision of the content a bit more. Normal stuff, really. But as with any project, this becomes increasingly difficult when the people involved don’t really see eye to eye.

This is Baguette, signing off.

RudeBaguette has made some good progress since the launch and hopefully it will continue. Without going into details, I’ll simply say that I’ve decided no longer to be involved in the project. It may seem odd – especially since it was more or less originally my project. But I’m sure RudeBaguette will continue to do just fine. I have also asked them to rebrand to avoid confusion and so that it is clear that I am no longer involved.

Otherwise, you’ll still be able to find me blogging about French startups in English on TechBaguette.com and elsewhere on the web.

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