GigaOm’s Structure conference arrives in Europe (+ discount inside)

If you thought that all the big US tech blogs ignored Europe except for the occasional LeWeb conference, well, you thought wrong. Actually, if anything, they’ve all been vamping up their European activities recently. TechCrunch has got back up to speed, counting several Europe-based writers and is set to host an event in – yes, ITALY – on Septebmer 27th. It may be yesterday’s news, but The Next Web managed to lure back Robin Wauters as its European Editor earlier this year (though it may seem like events-wise they’re focusing more on rolling out in Latin America). And now GigaOm is rolling out conferences on this side of the Atlantic as well.

Behold Structure.

TechCrunch and The Next Web have had a pretty good stronghold on tech events on events in Europe, which perhaps made it a little less relevant to follow what GigaOm was up to. But looking over GigaOm’s event list makes me utterly thrilled that they’re bringing their conferences here as well (guys, when is Mobilize coming here?!). The first conference to be launched on this side of the pond will be GigaOm’s famous Cloud Computing conference, Structure, featuring kids from MuleSoft, DataSift, Aspera, Paypal, Salesforce, HP and more. For the full speaker list, see here.

Amsterdam, October 16 & 17.

Ah yes, you’re right. The conference isn’t in Paris or France – it’s in Amsterdam. But as you all know, I highly encourage Europeans to network beyond their borders and outside of their country codes. It’s good for the continent, trust me. Plus, there is currently one confirmed French speaker – Pascale Vicat-Blanc, the CEO of Lyatiss (oh oui, une femme!).


Startup Launchpad.

Wondering if there is any room for startups to get in on the fun? Well, there is. GigaOm is also hosting a Startup Launchpad, for companies less than 12 months old building technologies that power cloud computing, big data applications or Internet infrastructure. If you’re thinking of applying, you have until August 31st to fill out this really rather simple application – so hustle.

Save €600 on your ticket here.

And now, thanks to GigaOm’s support for my silly blog and the French tech ecosystem, you can also buy a ticket for €600 less by signing up here or using the code “TECHBAGUETTE” by August 25th.

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